Mladen Reljanović
Mladen Reljanović
Mladen Reljanović
Basic info
Gender Male
Eye color Olive
Hair color Dark Brown
Born September 28, 1995, Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Family Višnja Reljanović
Other attributes
Occupation Founder


Other occupations Actor

Director Composer

First appearance The Strange Mind
Latest appearance Albatross

Mladen Reljanović is a director, writer and actor as well as a co-founder of Seven Productions. He portrayed doctor Bogdan Jovanović in a short thriller that he directed and produced, The Strange Mind.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Mladen was born on September 28, 1995 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during a civil war.

Career Edit

Acting in theatre Edit

Mladen made his first public appearance in 2012 in a play First Time With His Father At Matins where he played the main character, Mitar. Shortly after his debut, he was invited to play Vaso in a comedy play Love Letter by Kosta Trifković. Mladen reprised his portrayal of Vaso several times in later years.

In 2013 he played the title character in Banović Strahinja which he declared as his greatest performance in early career. Later that year he played Čeda in a hit comedy play Mrs. Minister by the most famous Serbian playwright, Branislav Nušić.

Year later Mladen revisited Nušić playing a mayor in one-act comedy Analphabet.

Film career Edit

In 2013 while reprising his role of Mitar, Mladen and Jelena Jurišić started working on a short film project. After considering many ideas they agreed The Strange Mind. The film premiered later that year.

A year later Mladen wrote a minimalistic philosophical drama Discussions which he directed with Darko Sladojević in August, 2014. Post-production started in September but the film was never published.

In July, 2015 Mladen announced new short film Albatross, which he wrote and assigned to produce, direct and star in it.