Poster HD Aleksej
First Promo Poster
Production credits
Director Mladen Reljanović

Darko Sladojević

Producer Mladen Reljanović

Ozren Bursać

Executive Producer Jelena Jurišić

Dragana Rokić

Writer Mladen Reljanović
Cinematographer Darko Sladojević
Music Myuu

Mladen Reljanović

Acting credits
Starring Samir Gaši

Boris Ručnov

Distributor Centar za informisanje i kulturu
Release date Not yet released
Running time 20 min
Budget $700

Discussions (2014) is a minimalistic philosophical short drama directed by Mladen Reljanović and Darko Sladojević, writen by Mladen Reljanović and produced by Seven Productions. Discussions never premiered due to technical problems that occured many times during post-production.

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