Bogdan Jovanović
Mladen as Bogdan on location
Vital statistics
Position Doctor, soon to be retired
Age 51
Status Deceesed
Physical attributes
Height 192cm
Weight 67kg
Eye color Olive
Hair color Dark brown with gray areas
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Strange Mind
Last appearance The Strange Mind
Portrayer Mladen Reljanović
Bogdan Jovanović is a fictional character from a short thriller The Strange Mind, produced by Seven Productions and directed by Mladen Reljanović. Mladen portrayed Bogdan in 2013 short.

Biography by "The Strange Mind" book Edit

Early life Edit

Not a lot was revealed in the film about Bogdan's early life. According to the manuscripts of the book that is being written by director Mladen Reljanović, Bogdan was amused by science since very early age.

In the manuscript it was written that Bogdan dissected animals to find out what was life made of.

After Aleksandar's arrival Edit

The book and the film somewhat differ in the story after Aleksandar's arrival.

In the book, Bogdan agrees with Aleksandar to work together on opening an asylum in the city. After Aleksandar gives Bogdan immunity in his lab, Bogdan starts dissecting people.