Albatross Promo 1
Production credits
Director Mladen Reljanović
Producer Mladen Reljanović
Executive Producer Višnja Reljanović
Writer Mladen Reljanović
Cinematographer Milanka Buvač
Music TBA
Acting credits
Starring Mladen Reljanović

Slaviša Savić Višnja Reljanović TBA TBA

Distributor TBA
Release date TBA
Running time approx. 30 min
Budget estimated $20000
Albatross is a short film produced, written and directed by Mladen Reljanović.

Synopsis Edit

Albatross is a dramatic short film about two boys in love being separated by society and having community tear their lives apart.

Plot Edit

Plot cannot be revealed before the premiere.

Cast Edit

Cast will be listed soon.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Albatross was written by Mladen Reljanović who is one of founders of Seven Productions and as a producer he signed on to direct this short.

Film was announced in July, 2015 by releasing a short commercial on YouTube that summs all the themes from the film in a couple of written sentences and a reading of poem Albatross by Charles Baudelaire.

The script was inspired by the mentioned poem. In it, the poet feels trapped on Earth as an albatross caughet and tortured by sailors.

Promotional Edit

Seven Productions launched a first poster on July 27, three days later first teaser was released online.

Short Film- Albatross - Promo Video

Short Film- Albatross - Promo Video

Funding Edit

Funding the film started on July 30 via Indiegogo. The campaign is still on-going and you can check it out here: